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Comparison of Closures in different Languages


Alternative Title: Finally getting Closure(s in rebo)

Thoughts on return, break and continue


Commonly, the keywords return, break and continue are used to influence the control flow of a program. Designing my own language rebo, I’m at a point where I want to implement a form of control-flow-changing operations. This post is primarily a braindump of ideas I had thinking about the implementation. Let’s embark on journey through those ideas in the form of thought experiments.

Rust Const-fn Compile-time SUBLEQ Interpreter


With the minimal subset of const fn becoming stable soon (in the second next Rust version), I wanted to give const fns a try and test what is possible with them.
We implemented a compile-time SUBLEQ interpreter which only uses const-fns, which you can find on the playground.

Compile Time Gauß on 3×4 Matrixes


I had some fun with associated constants and implemented compile time Scalar, Matrix-Vector and Matrix-Matrix Multiplication. Then I decided to go ahead and implement a compile-time Gauß algorithm on 3×4 matrixes, which prints the intermediate right-upper matrix and the final solution of the linear equation.