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Interruptions cost 23 minutes 15 seconds, right?


You’ve likely read lots of blog posts stating that it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to work after an interruption, context switch, or meeting. Thus, “do you have five minutes” ends up not only costing those few minutes, but instead about half an hour. But where does that number come from?

Comparison of Closures in different Languages


Alternative Title: Finally getting Closure(s in rebo)

Thoughts on return, break and continue


Commonly, the keywords return, break and continue are used to influence the control flow of a program. Designing my own language rebo, I’m at a point where I want to implement a form of control-flow-changing operations. This post is primarily a braindump of ideas I had thinking about the implementation. Let’s embark on journey through those ideas in the form of thought experiments.

Rust Const-fn Compile-time SUBLEQ Interpreter


With the minimal subset of const fn becoming stable soon (in the second next Rust version), I wanted to give const fns a try and test what is possible with them.
We implemented a compile-time SUBLEQ interpreter which only uses const-fns, which you can find on the playground.

Compile Time Gauß on 3×4 Matrixes


I had some fun with associated constants and implemented compile time Scalar, Matrix-Vector and Matrix-Matrix Multiplication. Then I decided to go ahead and implement a compile-time Gauß algorithm on 3×4 matrixes, which prints the intermediate right-upper matrix and the final solution of the linear equation.